2011: a new creative journey

here at blue13 we're working on a bunch of cool new projects for 2011, one of them being to really get behind the power of self-publishing. so we're going to be tweaking and revamping the satellite during the next several weeks with the hopes of becoming an enjoyable destination for creative people to check out.

we (and when i say "we" i mean me, really) spend a lot of time scouring the internet for nuggets that the creative community will find useful. starting basically now, we're going to do our best to share information that will hopefully help our fellow creatives stay focused, inspired and motivated to continue producing artistic works.  like this:

Grand Scheme Artist Series ft. Numskull from grandscheme on Vimeo.

we'll also try to find useful links and resources that can assist creative people in realizing some tangible benefits from their individual talents (read: fame AND fortune). bam.

we know there are zillions of amazing resources out there for people to explore. so we're going to try and focus on bringing you quality content that's not only interesting but valuable as well. the idea being that we'd like to see the satellite become a great place to interact with a community of mile-high creatives (although we're fully on board with the global community concept, too).

during the next couple months we'll be making a strong push with our own quantum T-shirts (www.quantumTshirts.com) and what we feel is an exciting audio program dubbed "the accidental taoist" -- short 2- to 3- minute audio features presenting ancient eastern philosophical wisdoms for today's modern western urbanite. you may be surprised at how useful some of those timeless teachings really are.

and, we recently moved into a new space in northwest denver along tennyson street. the area, for those unaware, is a thriving community of hip restaurants (hops and pie, comfort cafe, others), cool art galleries and shops, the oriental theater and several other local businesses making it one of denver's coolest 'hoods.

we're community-oriented folk here at blue13 (thanks, KDUR) and are really looking forward to getting involved in our new neighborhood. we're starting up as members of our locally-owned and operated, SOLAR POWERED community wireless internet network (www.meshcasting.com) and plan on working with other local businesses to fulfill our unique creative business needs.

we're also working on the beginning stages of a tennyson street cinema club, so if you're interested in learning more please get in touch. (and tell your friends.)

we're shooting for at least one quality post each week for starters. if you hear of anything inspiring or valuable to our creative community at large, we'd appreciate a heads up so we can pass it along. our reach is rather small at the moment -- i think there's ONE satellite follower at the moment. ha! however, it was the great lao tzu (widely recognized as the founder of taoist philosophy) who said:

"the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

so, it seems, we've taken our first step. here's to a successful journey.


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