upside-down creative communities

if you've ever taken a couple seconds to read the little blurb on the left-hand column of the blue13satellite, you know what we're trying to do: share creative solutions for a creative community. this blog is an attempt at shining a little light on how others are managing their respective talents while bringing new and exciting ideas to emerging (and previously non-existent) markets.

for example, we have a good friend suzy in loveland who started hip mountain mama, an amazing little mom and pop (literally) company specializing in natural, sustainable, fair-trade goods for cool, young mountain-lifestyle moms. and, our good buddy dave is launching grace skis, a small company featuring his own line of small batch, hand-crafted downhill skis.
we live among some truly amazing creative people.

so the line about how we "love those who use creativity to improve their lives, communities and planet" couldn't be more true. many of our institutions (social, political, financial, et al) seemingly have reached such a level of dysfunction that our ability to thrive as a species will greatly depend on said creative solutions.

being in the mile high city, most of our focus orbits the creative community of denver (first) and colorado (second). i believe a return to local economies and the importance of tight-knit communities are philosophies that will enable us to prosper in an increasingly complex society.

that being said, we fully embrace the notion of a global community as well. with technology providing accessibility to every corner of the planet, enlightened ideologies are (slowly) helping us realize that we're all in this (beautiful mess) together. so while today's blog entry may originate from the other side of the planet, the lesson we can take is one that can be applied to our daily lives right in our own back yard.

enter the (true story) about the boys of koh panyee -- a floating fishing community in thailand. below is a dramatized short film about a group of young men who, without an inch of dry land to their names, established one of the country's most successful soccer clubs and inspired a nation to believe that any obstacle can be overcome.

if you're starting up your own creative endeavor, or struggling with a particular aspect of a project, take a minute to adjust your perspective and realize that with a little focus and determination, you too can accomplish whatever it is you choose to achieve.

the ancient taoists have an amazing technique for adjusting perspective contemporarily-called the upside-down method. if interested, please continue reading...


food trucks and jack white: part 2

just a quick follow-up to last week's post about food trucks and mobile rock 'n roll.

our new friend not-named jenny saw our entry on denverfoodtrucks and shared another site that chronicles the comings and goings of denver's street food movement. check out denverstreetfood.com for updates, locations and news surrounding our burgeoning culinary community.

and, in case you didn't have the chance to get down to austin for SXSW, here's what jack's rolling record store had to offer those lucky enough to be in attendance.

as always, thanks for reading and sharing.



denver food trucks and THE jack white

if you have any connection to/interest in denver's creative community, you've undoubtedly noticed the proliferation of our fair city's wonderfully diverse fleet of food trucks. from pizza to biscuits to cupcakes, there are several amazing culinary creations available on any given street corner in the mile high city.

and we've heard there are several new mobile units being constructed as we speak (or, type) that will hit the streets in the immediate future. soon denver's arsenal of mobile eateries will include vehicles delivering salads, sushi and ice cream (among others) to hungry pedestrians both night and day.

so, with all of these trucks hitting unknown streets during undefined times, how are we supposed to keep up and find the goods? enter: denver food trucks.com (thanks kerry), a central web destination for all things denver/food/truck related. bam.

it appears the site is pretty new - as the "about us" and other sections are still unpopulated with content. however, it does seem that this mobile culinary community is coming together in a refreshingly supportive way to make it easy for you and i to find them. denverfoodtrucks enables users to browse by location, by food style or by specific food truck name and lists each participating company's twitter feeds (often used to pinpoint truck locations) all in one comprehensive website.

of course, food trucks themselves are nothing new. blue-collar workers in the states have been getting their lunches delivered to the job site for decades. i can remember getting the hottest burritos known to man from a guy who used to drive by my father's warehouse along (denver's well-known industrial) smith road years ago. and, speaking of burritos, our friends from south of the border have been selling inexpensive mexican fare out of mobile kitchens since forever.

i remember reading an article in the westword about a hot young chef here in denver who came from new york city. he has this great quote about the difference between the two cities along the lines of how fellow chefs in NYC want to burn your kitchen to the ground, but in denver you can call up your competitors and they'll give you their recipes. i love it.

now, with the coming together of our food truck industry, it seems denver's creative culinary entrepreneurs have realized that working together is so much more fulfilling and productive than being at each others' throats. cheers to that.

so... if street sushi in denver is a possibility, what else could the mobile retail industry deliver? ask jack white. yes, THAT jack white, as in the coolest rock 'n roll mofo alive.

according to white's record label third man records, 97 percent of american teens have never been to a stand alone record store. if true (and i don't doubt that it is), that's incredibly sad. however, as the old adage goes, the darkest always comes before the dawn, and white has taken it upon himself to be a harbinger of light with his newly-built record store truck. double bam.

the label announced it will unveil the truck this week in austin, tx during SXSW. check out the video above. comment openly below. share freely, friends.



brewing creativity at its finest...

my pals at ska brewing in durango, colorado. check your local retailer for their amazing beers. watch the vid below to see how cool these chaps are. keep up the great work bill, matt and dave.

Brew Minions, A Parody from David Thibodeau on Vimeo.


artopia 2011

in case you thought there was something better to do that weekend, here's what you missed at westword's artopia this year:

Westword Artopia 2011 from Focus 4 Design on Vimeo.

it truly was an incredible evening. the night started out with an always-welcome guerilla performance by my pal boba fett and the americans. and in the basement at vinyl i was pleasantly surprised by the rock n' roll presence of denver's own the knew. (the entire event is stocked with all local talent, in case you weren't aware.) great song structure, impressive performance, near-perfect levels and mix (at least from the side of the stage). i'm definitely checking out their next show when they have more than 35-40 minutes to perform.

next up for me was a stop at the living room, a new favorite jazz lounge/wine bar across the street to see elizabeth rose, again. it's rare when i'm NOT in the mood to enjoy a sexy young songstress spill original piano jazz all over the room. the rest of the night quickly became less defined, as i stumbled into the dance performance piece you see in the video above and the refreshingly hip distant vagabond fashion show toward the end of the night at city hall. the pictures don't do the event justice... the vibe was amazing and this venue is off the wall crazy.

westword photogs found me hangin' out all dressed up for the occasion. now if only i would've found someone to go with... ha.