artopia 2011

in case you thought there was something better to do that weekend, here's what you missed at westword's artopia this year:

Westword Artopia 2011 from Focus 4 Design on Vimeo.

it truly was an incredible evening. the night started out with an always-welcome guerilla performance by my pal boba fett and the americans. and in the basement at vinyl i was pleasantly surprised by the rock n' roll presence of denver's own the knew. (the entire event is stocked with all local talent, in case you weren't aware.) great song structure, impressive performance, near-perfect levels and mix (at least from the side of the stage). i'm definitely checking out their next show when they have more than 35-40 minutes to perform.

next up for me was a stop at the living room, a new favorite jazz lounge/wine bar across the street to see elizabeth rose, again. it's rare when i'm NOT in the mood to enjoy a sexy young songstress spill original piano jazz all over the room. the rest of the night quickly became less defined, as i stumbled into the dance performance piece you see in the video above and the refreshingly hip distant vagabond fashion show toward the end of the night at city hall. the pictures don't do the event justice... the vibe was amazing and this venue is off the wall crazy.

westword photogs found me hangin' out all dressed up for the occasion. now if only i would've found someone to go with... ha.

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