blue13's past, present and (near) future

we've been rather busy during the past several weeks here at blue13. we've taken the quantum t-shirts around to a few arts festivals here in town... had a couple work/leisure-related weekend trips to steamboat and vail... and a couple weeks ago (attempted) to make a splash with our booth at the inaugural denver county fair. (check out some photos from the event.)

on the production side, we've been fortunate to land a couple new clients for writing and editing work, and we're looking forward to some forthcoming equipment upgrades that will help blue13 produce a couple audio/video projects we've been eager to start. in the near future we will be producing some cool short quantum vids for the shirts and we've got plans to pursue a project with our friends who produce the colorado craft beer radio show .

oh yeah, and i'm going to be writing a weekly column for a national data/publication firm based here in denver that reaches thousands of communications business leaders and video production executives across the country... which is pretty cool for someone who aspires to sell scripts for film and television, i think. (i'll re-post the column here once it gets up and going.)

so... because our schedule had been rather full during the past handful of weeks, the satellite was sadly being neglected. besides being a little busy, another reason we (temporarily) shelved the blog is due to its low ROI (return on investment). the blue13satellite was at first an experiment, then a nifty tool to build community -- which it still is. however, another friend of ours is doing really great things with his not quite hippie blog and it got us thinking... the satellite should be more of a service to our creative community. plus, we'd like to see some real returns from the effort. (this is about entrepreneurialism, after all...)

moving forward we're going to try and provide more helpful information and news for our community. we're going to spotlight local creative entrepreneurs and what's going on around town. and we're (i'm) doing a lot of news aggregation for those new clients i mentioned above - which enables me to find some truly valuable gems for budding creative businesses. i'll be posting a lot of what i find here at the satellite with the idea of creating a newsletter where creatives can find true value.

so "follow us" (in the upper right column). or like us on bookface. or something. we're going to be valuable some day... at least that's what i keep telling myself when i wake up in the morning. ha.

and before i forget, our pal david who maintains the 'not quite hippie' blog is up for a local best-blog award from CBS. check it out and cast your votes here.

as always, thanks for reading -- and we'll see you back here real soon.


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