the quantum t-shirt debut (part 2)

we're back from the four corners and our debut quantum t-shirt show in durango. here's a quick recap and update from all that went down during the weekend.

first, thank you so much to all the fine folks at the lost dog bar & lounge on main street in durango. i have some close pals that tend bar and keep an eye on things there, but the owner ann is an amazingly kind and generous host. she was extremely helpful in assisting blue13 with whatever we needed all weekend long. ann and many of her staff are now quantum t-shirt wearers and doing their part to contribute quantum positivity toward our collective consciousness. ha!

also, many thanks to ted holteen, the durango herald's arts & entertainment editor for getting a great little write-up about our show in friday's edition. if you're interested in reading some cool press about the quantum t-shirt project, check it out HERE and drop ted a note. he'll like that.

and, of course, thank you to all the amazing people who came to the show -- especially those who purchased shirts. this project has been such a long time coming that i hadn't even really imagined what it would be like to see someone actually wearing my designs (see photo above). it's simultaneously satisfying and humbling to know that there are people who enjoy your art and appreciate a project like this. i've said this before, but positivity is a good commodity - even if it's delivered via a goofy (sweatshop-free) t-shirt. so, in the interest of recycling gratitude, thanks.

here's a few photos from the show (you can check out a small album of pics on our facebook page, too). might as well "like" us while you're there. :) most of the shots are of the lost dog's gallery space after setting up the shirts. i stopped taking pics once the show was going and i had settled into a few tasty local beers from the durango brewing company.

so what's next? well, as great as this show was, i feel like it was the precursor to even bigger and better events in the near future. we are currently working on securing a gallery space across the street from blue13's work studio on the amazing tennyson street art district in denver. nothing is set in stone as of yet, but we REALLY want to knock a huge first friday event out of the park in june.

that date is right around the corner, so keep your eyes open for an email invite to the event in the very near future. if anyone is interested in getting involved (as volunteers are welcome and needed), it would be great to hear from you. and, if anyone wants to help spread the word, we think that would be really great. we'll let everyone know as soon as possible.

that is, IF you think spreading good vibes is a profitable venture.

thanks for reading.



  1. happy art show went well in durango...love the creative idea of shirts hanging on the wall...indeed an arty display...looking forward to helping at the denver show...

  2. Great way to actually create and increase positive energy!

  3. It sounds like you're having a great time while doing a fantastic project. Way to go, Matt.

  4. thank you all for the kind words. northern colorado show coming soon... wink, wink. :)

  5. where did all the comments go? sorry folks - not sure what happened. it seems our discussion has been lost in the cyberwebs.


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