greetings NxLevelers

welcome past, present and future NxLevelers. you've found your way to the blue13satellite - a blog created for a growing creative community in denver and beyond interested in creative enterprise.

my name is matthew colella, creative director at blue13creative and one of the fortunate creatives who received a scholarship from the denver small business development center and colorado creative industries to attend the inaugural 2010 NxLevel Business Education course for Creative Entrepreneurs. designed specifically for people like you and i, NxLevel is a 10-week crash course in business plan development and strategic planning for creative professionals looking to take their talents, for lack of a better term, to the next level.

are you considering enrolling in the class? not sure if it's for you? here's a few things i learned... NxLevel is perfect for the freelance writer/photographer/designer who's tired of working for someone else and wants to start their own company. it's for the budding/established/veteran artist who wants to develop their talents into a primary income source. and it's for any creative entrepreneur who wants to transform their creative skills and passions into a viable business model.

one of the conditions of my scholarship was an agreement to blog through the class. (i'm a professional writer and editor with years of experience in several creative industries including print media, radio, film, television and the arts.) so choosing me for the role of class crier recorder was a natural fit, i suppose. each week i posted a little write-up detailing the topics, lessons and guest speakers (and goodies they often brought to class -- hello free cupcakes!) we heard in class.

so take a moment to click around the satellite's posts tagged 'NxLevel' if you're interested in getting a feel for what the course is like. i recommend starting with week #1 and working your way back, but whatever. you're creative; you'll figure it out. these blog entries don't nearly do the class and its vast amounts of information justice but you can definitely get a feel for what kind of education is offered.

and, if you care to stick around and read some of the other things our creative peers are doing in the mile high city, that would be great, too.

thanks for reading -- and good luck on your creative journey.


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