first friday art walk with blue13

the month of may unleashes some serious creative energy here in denver. just a short couple weeks ago blue13 attended the city's sixth annual create denver expo where our local leaders and industry peeps band together with the creative community and launch an amazing conference on what makes our fair city a cultural and creative destination for so many talented people.

it was an unexpected surprise for us to walk into our first workshop of the day -- 'tapping state resources for creative enterprise' -- and see our friend laura grey, colorado creative industry's film, television and media rock star, at the helm. laura was instrumental in helping blue13 receive a scholarship to the NxLevel Education for Creative Entrepreneurs last year, and she allowed us to speak a little bit to this year's attendees.

thankfully there's no video of me stumbling through an impromptu discussion on what create denver has meant to blue13. you can, however, check out this short video about the official create denver beer and the spirit of collaborative creativity the expo tries to nurture.


so as we move into the creative season ahead, we just wanted to take a quick second to thank laura and the rest of the crew who put this year's create denver week together and making it such a wonderfully successful event. westword posted a cool blog entry about create denver week as well -- stocked with photos and short vids. dig it.

blue13 is excited about this weekend (friday, june 3) as it will be our first first friday art walk where we'll be showing the quantum t-shirts to a bunch of strange art lovers. and by strange i don't mean 'odd' (per se), i mean strange like an unknown group of people who aren't my family and friends. although they'll be there too, i think.

one of the reasons we moved our creative foundry to tennyson was for this very reason: to take advantage of the amazing energy that accompanies the first friday art walks in the mile high city. if you haven't experienced what i'm talking about, this friday would be the ideal time to come see what all the buzz is about.

here in denver we have at least five quality first friday art walks to satisfy our community's art enthusiasts. there's a really great write-up on the huff post about them here. first friday has long been one of my favorite nights in denver -- the only difference being this time i'll be on the other side of the fence, so to speak. i've always participated as a consumer, not an artist showing material.

regardless of the perfect weather that's predicted for friday, i would be tremendously grateful for any and all of you to come by the studio to check out what blue13 is all about. you'll get a chance to see our really great work space, see the quantum t-shirt project up close and enjoy some complimentary wine and/or beer, depending on your preference.

not to mention that there are more than 20-some galleries along the six-block stretch of tennyson, in addition to amazing restaurants, artisan shops, open spaces and parks and welcoming watering holes (i.e. craft beer at hops & pie or the wine bar dubbed tastes, to name a couple of my faves).

that is your mission should you choose to accept it. we'll be here all night (3933 tennyson st. ste. #B, denver 80212), but i can't think of a better way to start your weekend than with some art, wine and friends. cheers to that.


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