WhatBOX? Our Idiot Censors

this past weekend, the comedy "our idiot brother" starring paul rudd and zooey deschanel opened in theaters across the country. the weinstein company cut a commercial trailer to promote the film not unlike it would do for any other movie the studio produced.

the commercial spot has been running nationwide on "other" broadcast and several cable nets for weeks. but for some reason, ABC rejected the trailer until the studio made specific edits to the spot. here's the original:

happy to oblige, the weinstein studio put together an updated trailer for the film. said company co-chair harvey weinstein, "we'd like to dedicate our new red band trailer for 'our idiot brother' to censorship everywhere. enjoy!"

something tells us ABC isn't going to air this one, either. •

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- matthew colella is the creative director at blue13creative and a media consultant for The Morning BRIDGE parent company MediaBiz.

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