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WhatBOX?: Fox's Multiscreen 'New Girl'

In truly WhatBOX? fashion, Fox is banking on a multi-screen strategy to promote one of its newest shows New Girl. Starring Zooey Deschanel, the new comedy series from executive producer/writer Liz Meriwether (No Strings Attached) is about a newly-single woman who takes up residence with three male roomies. Heyo!

In an attempt to generate some buzz for the upcoming program, Fox released the show's pilot online this week available via iTunes. (Here's a direct link to the episode.) And, the net says, the pilot will be up on its own site and Hulu starting Sept. 13.

Some of you probably remember that not too long ago, Fox implemented its authentication pay-wall for certain content online. It's only been a couple weeks since the net started requiring viewers to prove they're paying subs.

So what happens once the show airs?

Well, Fox says the pilot will be available for a limited time, as the show is set to launch the following week on the net's linear channel. At that point in time the pilot will come down off the interwebs...

NYMag says the giveaway marks only the second time a US broadcaster has ever given away an entire pilot episode prior to the network premier.

And, it shouldn't surprise many why Fox chose the iTunes platform as one of its vehicles to share the sneak peek as reports keep reminding us how much video is being watched on iPhones and iPads. (Says ABI Research, revenue from mobile video services is expected to top $2B worldwide by 2013.)

Fox is now committed to six new series for the 2011-12 season: Terra Nova, The X Factor, Allen Gregory, Napoleon Dynamite, Alcatraz and The New Girl. We'll see how the multi-screen strategy works in a couple weeks. •

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